Meet Dr. Edvalson

Dr. Seth (as he is often called) is a Washington native. He was born and raised in Clarkston and Pomeroy Washington and later moved, with his family to the Tri-City area in 1999. He attended Brigham Young University (BYU) and graduated with a bachelors of Science. Then he headed to the University of Washington where he received is Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2006.

It is hard to determine if Dr. Seth’s true love is Basketball or water sports. So whether he is dunking the ball or riding the wake, there is always a smile on his face. It is obvious he has a passion for athletics and wants to share that with others. He has enjoyed coaching kids in soccer and basketball.

Family is central to Dr. Seth’s happiness in life. He met and married his wife, Jenni Tingey in 2000. They have two beautiful children and really enjoy spending time with them. Since this area has much extended family, on both the Edvalson and Tingey sides, Dr. Seth and his family are very excited to serve our patients in the Tri-City area and serve their community in every way.