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Waiting room

Enjoy a treat and a refreshing beverage while waiting or take one as you leave


Here at ACE Dental, we hope to exceed your expectations from the moment you enter, until the moment you leave. We recognize that there are many choices in this area for dental care. Our Dental team wants to give you a reason to choose ACE Dental because of our excellent dental care, affordable prices, friendly service, and pleasing environment. Thank you for choosing ACE Dental!

Tree House Play Area


Dr. Edvalson is very kid friendly. He has 2 children of his own that he adores, and 35 nieces and nephews. He has spent countless hours in Pediatric offices during dental school preparing and learning great techniques for working on kids. He has also spent the last 6 months working in a children’s clinic in Sunnyside. His caring, gentle touch will put your children at ease. He is playful and fun, using creative strategies to distract each child from the procedure that is being performed. When needed, Dr. Edvalson can discuss sedation options.

Themed Treatment Rooms

Dr. Edvalson wants each patient to be comfortable. He hopes that an interesting treatment room creates the feeling of home, enhances your comfort, and allows you to enjoy each experience at the dental office.

Africa Room


Cabin Room IMG_0966

Columbia River Room IMG_0968